AvacusPay: SNS which allows you to send remittances

What is AvacusPay, How does it work?
AvacusPay is a payment app which allows you to send and receive Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency between Avacus wallets in an instant. If you have registered wit...
水, 24 6月, 2020 で 8:44 午後
How to Send Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency via AvacusPay
Contents Search for users Open the remittance menu Trust Pay to send Cryptocurrency Escrow Pay to send Cryptocurrency Create an invoice with Request P...
金, 26 6月, 2020 で 6:23 午後
Introducing QR code payment
Cashless Payment with Cryptocurrency Payments at the same speed as credit cards are now possible with Cryptocurrency The typical QR code payment is pai...
水, 24 6月, 2020 で 8:26 午後