Cashless Payment with Cryptocurrency

Payments at the same speed as credit cards are now possible with Cryptocurrency

The typical QR code payment is paid via the customer's credit card, so in most cases, most of the Usually you get paid in the next month, but with AvacusPay, you get the Cryptocurrency " immediately" as soon as the payment is done. 

In addition, you can use the Cryptocurrency you've received to stock up on Amazon at a discount, or to Ordering work with AvacusAsk, and the unique benefits of Avacus are extensive.

First, download the Avacus app.

To make a QR code

Step 1: Tap "Receive Money" on the top page.

Step 2: Open [Create Bill] menu.

Step 3:  Follow the steps below.

(1) Select input type

The difference between [Input by currency] and [Input by fiat]
For example,If you want to get paid in bitcoin for 1,500 yen, it is denominated in legal currency, so select [Input by fiat]
If you want to get paid 0.0015 BTC, select [Input by currency] 

(2) Select the wallet

Specify the Cryptocurrency (BTC, VACUS, etc.) to be paid.

(3) Enter the amount
*1% of the total amount paid will be deducted as a commission.

(4) You can attach an optional memo

Step 4: Tap [Create QR Code] after inputting the data.
The QR Code for payment is instantly created.

Paying with a QR code

(1) The payer scans the QR code and taps [Send].

(2) Enter the approval code sent to your registered email address and your payment is complete!

If you do not receive an approval code, please check your spam mail folder.