AvacusPay is a payment app which allows you to send and receive Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency between Avacus wallets in an instant.

If you have registered with Avacus, you can send to Avacus users around the world at any time, quickly and securely.

Four "pays" to bring cryptocurrency to your everyday life

QR Bill

Cashless Payment with Cryptocurrency

Payments at the same speed as credit cards are now possible with Cryptocurrency

You can easily create QR bills in any amount and receive payment instantly by scanning the issued QR code.

Learn how to use it here.

Trust Pay 

Instantly transfer money in 1 step

If you want to throw a chip(Nagesen) or transfer Cryptocurrency to a specific user

The person who receives the coins also doesn't have to worry about how to convert to cash and can simply use it as Cryptocurrency within Avacus.

Learn how to use it here.

Escrow Pay

Avacus guarantees the security of the settlement and provides a secure transaction without the need for trust

Avacus will hold the transferred Cryptocurrency until the transaction is approved by both parties.

Both the sender and receiver's payment security is guaranteed, thus secure transactions can be conducted with confidence.

Learn how to use it here.

Request Pay

You can send a request for payment to a specific user

Learn how to use it here.

About Fees

AvacusPay allows you to send money worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and features extremely low fees.

The following fees are required to use this service.

QR Bill1% of the transaction amount (paid by Receiver who makes QR code)
Trust Pay
1% of the transaction amount (paid by Payer)

Escrow Pay 

5% of the transaction amount (paid by Payer)
Request Pay
1% of the transaction amount (paid by Receiver)