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AvacusAsk: Cryptocurrency-based crowdsourcing
Contents What is AvacusAsk? ASK TAKE How to make an offer About Transaction Fees About Special Offer What is AvacusAsk? A crowdsourcing service t...
金, 26 6月, 2020 で 4:21 午後
AvacusBazaar: A Flea-market Place Buy and Sell in Cryptocurrency
Contents What is AvacusBazaar? Transaction Flow How to make an offer How to create your own shop What is "Special Shop"? Frequently Asked Q...
土, 27 6月, 2020 で 4:00 午後
AvacusVote: Blockchain Voting System
Blockchain voting, which utilizes tokens as voting rights Recently, social experiments to apply blockchain technology to voting systems such as elections ...
金, 26 6月, 2020 で 5:14 午後