What is AvacusBazaar?

AvacusBazaar is a Flea-market place where you can buy and sell your items with Cryptocurrency.
You can list your items and buy them with simple operations, and use the profits directly in AvacusShopping and AvacusAsk.


- A secure system for both Sellers and Buyers.
- Safe to the Buyer: The escrow will pay after the item has been receive.

- You can easily have your own online shop

- The Cryptocurrency earned from the sale can be used in Avacus as Cryptocurrency without being cashed in.

Transaction Flow

(1) Making an Offer: Seller will register a picture of the item, its description, asking price, and currency.

(2) Buyer apply for the offers they are interested in.

(3) Seller proposes a price.

(4) Buyer confirms and agrees to the proposed price.

(5) Seller will send the item and notify Buyer the tracking ID.

(6) When the item is received, the buyer presses the arrival confirmation button.

(7) Escrow is released and paid to Seller.
(8) Both parties rate each other and the transaction is completed.

How to make an offer

(1) Open the Bazaar menu and tap on [Order list] in the menu at the bottom of the screen.

(2) Tap the "+" button at the top right of the screen.

(3) Upload the product image, fill in other information and tap [Public].


(1) Open the Bazaar menu and click [Create item] at the top right of the screen.

(2) Upload the product image, fill in other information required, and click "Create Offer".

How to create your own shop

Please create an offer for one or more items according to the above steps.

When you make an offer, a new shop named "(username)'s Shop" will be created automatically.

You can change the shop name and images from "Update Shop" menu, and you can also create more than one new shop; Which allows you to create multiple shops according to the items you sell.
Find your own way with AvacusBazaar.

What is "Special Shop"?

Pay VACUS as an advertising fee to place your offers in special ad spaces.

This can be effective in increasing impressions and matching up rates.

You can create a Special shop by choosing your preferred plan on the creation screen when creating new shop, or Upgrade purchases on your existing shop on the edit screen.

<Publication dates and prices>

1day 100VACUS

3days 250VACUS

1week 600VACUS

*If there are multiple special offers at the same time, the ad space will be shared.

Frequently Asked Questions (1) "How do I know if I can trust the item or Seller?"

As with many other flea market services, look at the seller's transaction score and self-introduction.If the product description section and product photos are well-done, there is a pretty good possibility that the seller is trustworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (2) "What kind of items can I buy and sell on AvacusBazaar?"

AvacusBazaar allows users to freely list items as if they had their own online shop.

For example, you can sell your own character goods or hobby items, earn cryptocurrency, and then use the cryptocurrency you earn from selling them to purchase materials on Amazon, thus realizing the "ideal cycle of selling and purchasing".
The sales categories are diverse. We hope you will use Avacus Bazaar to integrate cryptocurrency into your lifestyle.

However, the following items are prohibited for sale

  • Fake brands and items with no proof of authenticity
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Merchandise obtained through illegal channels, such as stolen goods
  • Attempted or threatened to commit a crime or an illegal act
  • Hazardous or unsafe materials
  • Anything deemed to be child pornography or similar
  • 18+, adult-related
  • Used underwear, gym clothes, school uniforms, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices

For more information, please check the Terms of Use.