Here are some cases of actual issues people encountered while using Avacus 

and how they were resolved.

If you encounter any issues, you may be able to find a resolution for similar case by referring here.


Shopper did not receive the item due to Amazon’s mistake.

I have completed a purchase on Amazon as a Buyer and the item was shipped, but Shopper contacted me that the item did not arrive, even after a week had passed.

->Buyer has contacted Amazon and shipping company, it turned out that the information was not correctly delivered from Amazon (or a marketplace store) to the shipping company, and the delivery was stopped at the transferring process.

Buyer requested Amazon to resolve this issue and the item was delivered safely to Shopper and the trade was completed.

Buyer has made a purchase, but the item has not been delivered. 

After Buyer accepted my offer I(Shopper) received a notice that the purchase was completed, but the item has not been delivered for a long time. Buyer has not been responding to my messages.

->Shopper contacted Avacus support from "Request for Arbitration". Avacus support was able to contact Buyer to confirm purchased items shipping and handling status, and it turned out that there was an issue with delivery.In this case, Buyer submitted the shipping information again, the item was delivered to Shopper safely and the trade was completed.

The item should have arrived, but Shopper has not confirmed that the item has been received.

I(Buyer) have completed the purchase and the item should have arrived to Shopper, but Shopper has not confirmed the item arrival nor responded to my messages.

->Buyer contacted Avacus support from "Request for Arbitration". Avacus support tried to contact Shopper but was not able to get a response; AvacusSupport was forced to process the payment within 72 hours as the Buyer provided us with a screenshot confirming the arrival of the item.

I sent the item to my address on accident.

I accepted Shopper’s offer and made a purchase on Amazon, but selected my own address for shipping address by accident.

-> Case 1. Prior to the item arrival:After contacting Amazon, Buyer "Refused delivery" of the item and completed the return process with Amazon.

Afterwords, it turned out that the Shopper did not set the Shipping Address. After Shopper set the correct shipping address, Buyer repurchased the item and completed the trade.

-> Case 2. Item shipped from overseas: The item was not available for return since it was purchased at Amazon Marketplace and shipped from overseas.

Through Avacus support, Buyer and Shopper communicated to resolve this issue, as a result, they both agreed that Buyer will ship the item directly to Shopper and the trade was completed.In this case, it was Buyer’s negligence and Buyer paid the shipping fee.

I received a different item than what I listed in my offer.

I have created a wish list and created an offer on Avacus, but I changed my mind and replaced the item I wanted.

Since the status of this offer was "Wait for Buyer", I changed the item on Amazon’s wish list while my offer was active.

However, the item Buyer purchased and shipped was not the item I have changed to but the original item that I made my wish list with.

->Avacus specifications as follows:Item information such as “Item, Quantity, Color, Size, Price, etc.” is confirmed when an offer is created and can not be changed.If you want to change the item information after you have submitted an offer, cancel the offer first, make changes to the wish list, and then create an offer again.

*Although you can not change the item information after submitting an offer, you can make changes to "List name", "Recipient", and "Shipping address".

Some of the items I purchased got canceled on Amazon and only partial items were shipped to Shopper.

 I have accepted an offer which included multiple items. After completing a purchase on Amazon, some items got canceled due to being out of stock, etc. but the rest of the items were shipped. This makes a difference with the total amount of the offer. What should I do?

->First, please explain the situation to Shopper and contact Avacus support. Avacus support will respond and handle issues case by case.In the past case, the support side adjusted the difference between the shipped item and the canceled item.

I accepted an offer and made a purchase on Amazon, but the order got canceled from Amazon.

I have completed the purchase on Amazon, notified Shopper of "Order ID" and transaction status has changed to "Confirm Received".
But after that the order got canceled due to the item being out of stock from the Amazon side. What should I do?

-> Be sure to notify Shopper first and cancel offer from “Cancel Offer” on the right side of the transaction screen.

*Shopper is looking forward to the item arrival. Please be sure to explain the situation prior to canceling the offer.

The offer I have created suddenly has the status of "Complete Payment"

My offer suddenly has the status of “Complete Payment”. I had enough deposit (available balance) at the time of submitting the offer, why would this happen?

->The currency rate is changing constantly. For each trade, the rate gets fixed and the funds will be restricted when Buyer accepts an offer.

Therefore, even when the deposit (available balance) is sufficient at the time of submitting an offer, while in the "Wait for Buyer" status your deposit may become insufficient due to reasons like, "the available balance has decreased due to other offers in progress" and/or "because the currency rate changed, available balance became insufficient when converting funds in Legal tender".

Also, even if the deposit is insufficient, the offer will not automatically be withdrawn, but when the Buyer clicks "Receive Offer"(Accept Offer) for the particular offer, then it will change the status to "Complete Payment" and the offer will be withdrawn. 

*When situations like these happen, Buyer is not considered as accepting this offer.
When you receive the "Complete Payment" status, the offer will be validated again by clicking "Activate" on the transaction screen after depositing sufficient funds.

Avacus confirms Shopper’s available balance two times.

  1. When creating an offer
  2. When Buyer accepts an offer

Buyer canceled an offer, but the funds still remain restricted.

Buyer canceled an offer, but the funds still remain restricted. I want these funds to be released.

->After the offer was canceled, there is a slight time lag before the fund restriction is released.

If the funds are not released after a while (about 24 hours), please contact Avacus support.

Please also check if you have any ongoing trades to be sure.

I sent VACUS.VACUS to the VACUS address by mistake.

I sent VACUS.VACUS to the VACUS address on Avacus by mistake. Can I get it back?

->Unfortunately if you accidentally send currency to a wrong address (other than the address that is dedicated to that particular currency), it will not be retrievable.Please pay extra attention when making a deposit/withdrawal. The following cases are also not retrievable:

・Sent VACUS or BCH to the BTC address

・Sent BTC or VACUS.VACUS to the VACUS address

・Sent BTC or VACUS.BCH to the BCH address

I made a deposit but it is taking too long to reflect.

I made a deposit to an Avacus address from the external wallet but it is taking too long to reflect.

Nothing displayed when I check "Confirming" tab on the wallet screen.

->Bitcoin transactions typically take 10 minutes to several hours in some cases, depending on the transaction fee you choose. In addition, It may also be prolonged depending on the pending transactions that are in the Bitcoin mempool, especially when the blockchain is crowded.(Reference:
You can verify the status of your transactions by entering your transaction ID in the blockchain tracking service.

If it’s taking too long to reflect (over 24 hours) please contact the Avacus support with the deposit/withdrawal address and transaction ID.

I can not use the device that I set up the 2-step verification with, and I can not log in to Avacus.

I lost my smartphone that I had the 2-step verification set up with, and can not log in to Avacus.

->Please contact Avacus support.

Please be sure to back up when you activate 2-step verification.

How to Back up

・Scan the QR code with multiple smartphones or tablets.

・Print or screenshot and save the QR code.

*To cancel 2-step verification, undo the set-up process to disable.

*Please contact support if you are having problems with login due to 2-step verification trouble, such as a lost or broken smartphone.

Please refer to [2 Factor Authentication] as well.

My Vested Balance display has a bug (garbled or displayed as minus balance)

My Vested Balance number seems inaccurate. It’s garbled and/or displayed as minus balance.

->Unlink Counter Wallet address once, and link it again. This will often solve the issue.

If re-linking did not fix this issue, please contact Avacus support.

Please refer to [What is the vested balance] as well.