What is VACUS

VACUS is a Counterparty Token issued by Avacus.
By holding VACUS, you can receive benefits and dividends within Avacus.
It is designed to maximize holder’s profit by increasing the number of Avacus users and trade volumes.
Avacus service management and development members are also VACUS holders, and we are planning a project to improve the value of VACUS from the holder’s point of view.
Let’s enjoy the growth of Avacus together! 

Where can I get VACUS

Currently you can get VACUS from CounterParty DEX or trading as a Buyer on Avacus.
You can also get it by working at AvacusAsk or selling your items at AvacusBazaar.

If you wish not to spend much time and transfer fee(s), getting VACUS from Avacus is suggested.

With Avacus, you can easily get cryptocurrency with a small fee.

Benefit of being a VACUS holder and the structure behind it

  1. Receive part of Avacus transaction fee as a dividend
  2. Gain AvacusVote voting right
  3. Rights to receive sub-token when Avacus adds new trading currency 
  4. Avacus user level benefit

These are some of the benefits of being a VACUS holder.
VACUS is also a trading currency on Avacus, you can use it to shop with Avacus.

For more information on the structure and concept of the project, please read this article by Avacus' president, Matsukabu.
*Japanese text only

Account linking means connecting Avacus’ wallet with a Counterwallet address.By doing this, there are benefits such as dividends, etc.

To receive the dividend, you need to link the dividend targeted corresponding token (VACUS or VACUS.VACUS) with the Counterwallet address.

Please note that sub-tokens that are distributed when new trading currencies are added will not be eligible for dividends unless they are linked with the Counterwallet address.

How to link VACUS with Avacus accounts.

①Copy the address of VACUS you hold in Counterwallet

②Paste the address you copied on Avacus’s VACUS page, copy the message that appears under the address you pasted.

③ Select "Sign Message" from Address Actions in Counterwallet. Paste the copied message in the “Message to Sign” box and click "Sign", copy the message that appears in “Signed Message” box.

④On Avacus, enter the copied message from Counterwallet under “Signed Message” and click "Register".

⑤ If your VACUS balance appears on the screen, it’s been completed successfully!

Please refer to this video. 

*VACUS in your Avacus wallet is automatically eligible for the lottery.

What is the vested balance

Vested balance is proof that you had the VACUS balance for a certain period of time.

Based on “VACUS balance”, it will gradually be added according to “elapsed time since possession”

Vested balance will slowly increase over the course of 2 weeks,

 up to the number of VACUS linked with your account on Avacus.

Regardless of the amount of VACUS you hold, it will take about 2 weeks to get all your balance to be fully vested.

Vested balance is used rather than actual VACUS balance held for calculation of dividends, requirement for voting rights, user level conditions. This system is designed to encourage long-term holding of VACUS.

*Your vested balance will increase by [(Current VACUS balance - vested balance) *0.1] each 144 blocks (about 24 hours) from the moment of obtaining VACUS.

What is a dividend, how can I receive it

By holding VACUS and its sub-tokens, you can receive part of the commission profits as a dividend each time a currency trade corresponding to that sub-token is made on Avacus.

Each time a new trading currency is added on Avacus, the sub-token is distributed (Airdropped) for free to the person holding VACUS.
The number of sub-tokens "VACUS.***(Currency name)" equal to the number of VACUS in your possession will be distributed for free (airdropped).

*Excluding the currency added by Sponsorship Program.

For example. VACUS.VACUS holders are the subject of the dividend of the VACUS transaction fee, and similarly the VACUS.BCH holders are the subject of the dividend of the BCH transaction fee.
BTC transaction fee will be the subject of the dividend to the VACUS holders.

Dividends are based on a lottery system, with a lottery occurring each time a transaction is made.

*When receiving VACUS dividend with VACUS.VACUS, it is necessary to link Counter Wallet with Avacus.
*VACUS in your Avacus wallet is automatically eligible for the lottery.

*For sub-tokens that have already completed the Airdrops, they are available for trade on DEX just like VACUS.

For how to link sub-tokens with Avacus, select the sub-tokens you wish to link from "VACUS" tab in Avacus main menu and repeat the same method as linking VACUS with Avacus.


"VACUS.ASK is a sub-token of VACUS. By holding VACUS.ASK, you can receive part of AvacusAsk commission profits as a dividend.
The lottery occurs for every transaction on AvacusAsk. More tokens you hold, the better your chances of winning.
You'll receive VACUS.ASK by being a buyer at Avacus. Which is designed to give 10% of Buyer's amount.

Since it is a CP token, you can exchange it for other token with DEX.

Can I store “VACUS.VACUS” in the Avacus wallet

You can not store “VACUS.VACUS” in the Avacus wallet.Calculation of VACUS.
VACUS vested balance requires linking with Counter Wallet.

*Please be careful since if you transfer VACUS.VACUS to VACUS Wallet, it will not be deposited to VACUS wallet and you will not be able to get the funds back.

Wouldn't it be possible for someone to deliberate price fluctuations in Counter Wallet to favor the VACUS rate on Avacus

The rate of currency on Avacus does not simply refer to the current value ot the Counter Wallet.

In order to prevent deliberate price fluctuations, Avacus’s unique algorithm is built in for rate calculation.

When does launch

On December 26, 2017 we launched Avacus.
We have been running our services without stopping operations for even a day.

How does Avacus management gain profit

For Shopping transactions, we charge 10% of the discount amount of each transaction as a fee.
Within this fee, 75% will be returned to the VACUS holder as dividend, and the remaining 25% will be the profit for Avacus.

The management and development members of Avacus are also VACUS holders. Since we also have the right to receive a dividend to our own VACUS, the dividends we receive are also considered as profit for Avacus.

How do I pronounce "Avacus"and"VACUS"

It is pronounced "AVA-khus"and"VA-khus".