Avacus is a new type of marketplace that matches "Shopper" who wants to shop with discounts using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency and "Buyer" who wants to get Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency easily.

Supported Amazon Stores

US https://www.amazon.com/
UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/

JP https://www.amazon.co.jp/

DE https://www.amazon.de/

CA https://www.amazon.ca/


Shopper: who want to shop with cryptocurrency for a good deal 

Anyone can save using cryptocurrency. Amazon discount up to 50%.

[for US/UK/DE/CA users]

Max discount: 50%

Limit processing offers: 100

Maximum single order size: 

3,000,000 JPY(approximately $28000)

*For Japanese users, the discount rate extends up to 50% depending on user level.

*Users outside of Japan are not eligible for user levels or level-up bonuses.

Buyer: People who want to get cryptocurrency easily

By elliminating difficult and time consuming registration processes such as mailing documents, you can easily get cryptocurrency. And, Effectivly utilize Amazon gift card and points.

Please refer to "Buyer’s benefits" below for more information.

How does AvacusShopping work?

In Avacus, people can shop using Amazon’s wish list feature. 
Simple transaction steps are as follows:

(1) Deposit: First, shopper will deposit necessary amount of cryptocurrency into the Avacus wallet

(2) Make a wish list: Shopper then creates "wish list" on Amazon and lists the items on Avacus within the price range of their cryptocurrency deposited in Avacus wallet

(3) Create an Offer: Copy and paste the URL of the Amazon wish list into the AvacusShopping to create an offer


(4) Chose an offer: Buyer, who wants to get cryptocurrency will chose an offer listed by Shoppers

*At this point, cryptocurrency for the item price will be escrowed from Shopper’s wallet

Make a purchase: Buyer will purchase the item listed by Shopper on behalf on Amazon and select a shipping address set by Shopper

(6) Enter Order ID: After completing a purchase on Amazon, Buyer will enter the order ID, and wait for the receiving arrival confirmation from Shopper

(7) Arrival confirmation: Upon items delivery, Shopper sends confirmation of delivery to Buyer

*The escrowed cryptocurrency is released and transferred to the Buyer's wallet.

(8) Rating: Rate each other and transaction is successfully completed

*Please note that you cannot change your rating afterwards.

How to get a discount on Amazon items

When listing an offer, Shopper can set a discount rate in the rage of 1% to 50%.

For example, when Shopper lists an offer for an item that is $10, Shopper sets the discount rate to 15% and Buyer takes this offer.

Shopper will receive item that is worth $10 yen, but only pays Buyer $8.5 worth of cryptocurrency (85% of $10)

On the other words, Buyer purchased an item that is $10 but only receives $8.5

This $1.5 difference is not paid by Avacus. Simply, Buyer bears the discount portion of the cost.
So, why does Buyer want to take an offer at Avacus even paying for the discount? It will be explained in the next chapter.

Buyer’s benefits

Easy process

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been commonly purchased on exchanges so far.

However, in order to start trading at exchanges, it often takes a complicated and time consuming process like mailing of documents which takes a few weeks.

But with Avacus, registration is completed on the same day with just an email address, anyone can get cryptocurrency very easy through shopping on Amazon.

Various payment methods

Since Buyer can get cryptocurrency by purchasing items on Amazon, Buyer can use any payment methods available on Amazon.
Current available payment methods on Amazon besides cash are:

  • Credit Card
  • e-money
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Amazon Points 

Please check the customer page on your Amazon.


VACUS.ASK is a sub-token of VACUS. By holding VACUS.ASK, you can receive a part of the AvacusAsk commission profits as a dividend.

You will receive VACUS.ASK for 10% of the buyer's amount.

The lottery occurs for every transaction on AvacusAsk. More tokens you hold, the better your chances of winning.

You'll receive VACUS.ASK by being a buyer at Avacus. Which is designed to give 10% of Buyer's amount.

Since it is a CP token, you can exchange it for other token with DEX.

Earn rights to vote for future service (AvacusVote)

Avacus has a system called AvacusVote.

This system is a new method to acquire the voting rights according to the number of trades on Avacus.

The voting rights can be used for voting to decide future services such as the “New Trading Currency Vote” which is Irregularly held.


10% of the discount amount of each transaction is paid by Shopper.

Example: Trade completed for $10 item with 15% discount.

Item Price=$10
-->Buyer pays Amazon $10,Shopper receives item in $10 value.
Discount Amount=$10×15% discount=$1.5

-->Shopper pays=$8.65 (Item price $10-Discount amount $1.5+Fee $0.15)

-->Buyer receives=$8.5 (Item price $10-Discount amount $1.5=$8.5)

Management receives(Fee)=$15×10%=$0.15

-->75% of this will be returned as dividend to VACUS holders.

For more information, refer to this page.[What is a dividend, how can I receive it]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where should I set Shipping address?

The shipping address is registered by Shopper on Amazon's Wishlist, and the shipping address is only exposed to Amazon. Avacus don’t need nor collect private information.
Addresses are hidden, only showing the necessary City/State they’re being delivered to in order for us to confirm delivery and process orders.

As a Buyer, you don't see the gift shipping address, it's possible that Shopper has forgotten to enter their address.
In that case, you can cancel the offer from "Cancel Offer" button on the right side of the transaction screen, or use the message function to contact Shopper and ask them to set up a "Delivery Address" in the wish list.

Q. Item ordered has been canceled by Amazon. What should I do?

As a Shopper, please contact Buyer via the message function and ask them cancel the offer after confirming refund from Amazon.

As a Buyer, please contact Shopper after confirming Amazon's refund, cancel the offer from “Cancel Offer” on the right side of the transaction screen. Shopper is looking forward to the item arrival. Please be sure to explain the situation prior to canceling the offer. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Q. How does Avacus prevent criminal and scams?

Avacus is a system in which transactions are only completed when Shopper has confirmed the arrival of an item.
Because of the way it works, it is difficult for Buyers to obtain currency illegally.
If Shopper does not press the arrival confirmation when the item should have delivered, Arbitration Mode will help and Avacus support intervenes in the transaction, confirms the situation and forces an escrow release.
Your transactions are protected by the system. You can use Avacus with confidence.