Q. How do I change the icons on Avacus

You can use a service called gravater to set up your favorite images on our site.

Q. I haven't received any emails from Avacus, including approval codes

By any chance, did it go into your spam folder? First check your Spam/Bulk/Junk folder.  

Also, using a free email address, it may be automatically deleted within a few days of being placed in your spam folder.
Please check and if you still haven't received it, please contact support and provide us with your email address.

Q. What is the "In Escrow" status on the wallet screen

If there is an ongoing trade, the currency scheduled to be delivered at the completion of the trade is restricted from the deposit.
When Shopper clicks "Confirm Received" and trade is completed, the restricted funds are automatically transferred to Buyer’s wallet.

*If the offer is canceled, the restriction is released and funds will return to Shopper’s wallet.

*A slight time lag will occur until the offer is canceled and the restriction is released.

Q. When I make an offer, in which stage will the funds be restricted

When Buyer clicks "Receive Offer", the funds will be restricted.

*If Shopper’s deposit is insufficient at this time, Buyer will see an error message, and the offer will be withdrawn once and will change to “Complete Payment”(Waiting for Deposit) status.

Q.What do I do if I receive the “404” error

You may have been logged out due to time lapse, etc. If you do not resolve it even after logging in again, please try deleting your browser’s cache.

If it still does not resolve, there is a possibility that the server is crowded, please try again after a while.

Q. I chose a wrong rating. Can I change it?

Please note that it is not possible to change the rating afterwards.

Q. I don't want to deal with the same person again

Avacus has a "Ban" feature that allows you to hide certain people and prevent future transactions. 

If you press "Bad rating" after completing the offer, you will be asked "Do you want to ignore this trader?" and click "Yes" .

Effects of Blocking Someone on Avacus:

After you block a person on Avacus you won’t be able to find them in the site or app. They will no longer show up in your network. Searching their name will also yield no results.

Q. What is the trading score

AvacusShopping, AvacusAsk and AvacusBazaar each give each other a "rating" at the end of the transaction.

Depending on the rating received from the other party, the trading scores are added as follows.

Positive [+1] Neutral [± 0] Negative [-1]

If the rating was “Negative”, you will be asked "Do you want to ignore this trader?" and click "Yes", the offer between both sides will be invisible in the future and you will not be able to trade with that person.

*Once selected, the rating can not be changed. Please consider carefully when selecting “Negative” rating.

Q. What is the user level

The user level goes up based on "Trading Score" and "Vested Balance" As the user level goes up, there are benefits; such as the maximum discount rates that can be set go up.
*Users outside of Japan are not eligible for user levels or level-up bonuses

Q. How can I delete my account on Avacus

There is no option to delete your account on the Avacus website. Please contact Avacus support if you wish to delete your account on Avacus.

Q. I would like to use the Avacus logo for a volunteer project

You must apply for a permit to use the Official Logo and Characters.

Please be sure to read 【公式ロゴ・公式キャラクター利用の手引き】*Japanese text only