To create an offer as Shopper or to purchase things or ask for work with Cryptocurrency, a deposit is necessary in advance.


Deposit steps

(1) Click on username on upper right corner of the screen, then click "wallet" from the dropdown.

(2) Click "BTC Wallet" then select currency to deposit from the dropdown.

(3) If you agree with the notice, click on "Agree and Show Address"

(4)Your selected currency’s Avacus “Wallet Address” will be displayed here.

(5)Send currency to the displayed address from the external wallet.

*By clicking "Confirming", the transaction ID and number of remaining approvals can be checked

*Please check your external wallet fee when you make a deposit into Avacus wallet

*Transfer speed is based on the characteristics of the blockchain

*Please be extra cautious and make sure to use the correct address to send funds, since losing funds due to address mistakes (sending VACUS to BTC address, or sending BTC to VACUS address) will not be able to be recouped

Frequently Asked Questions (1) What is the "in Escrow" status on the wallet screen?

If there is an ongoing trade, the currency scheduled to be delivered at the completion of the trade is restricted from the deposit.
When Shopper clicks "Confirm Received" and trade is completed, the restricted funds are automatically transferred to Buyer’s wallet.

*If the offer is canceled, the restriction is released and funds will return to Shopper’s wallet.

*A slight time lag will occur until the offer is canceled and the restriction is released.