A guide to Getting Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency on Avacus

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Notes on Buyer side of transaction

Please confirm the contents of the offer

  • Is there any difference in the contents of the offer, such as item, quantity, shipping fee, etc. when making a purchase on Amazon?
  • Did you correctly select Shopper’s address (gift address)?
    (Make sure you did not select your own address by accident.)
  • Is there any problem with the scheduled arrival date for the item?
    The currency will be received when Shopper presses "Confirm Received" button.

Please take responsibility to complete the offer you accepted

  • If you did not make a purchase after accepting an offer, please “Cancel Offer” promptly. (It will be automatically canceled if you do not make a purchase within 1 hour.)
  • Please be sure to provide "Rating" after completion.
    All transactions are only completed when you give each other a final rating at the end.
  • In case of issues such as misplaced delivery, misplaced ordered, etc., it should be resolved with communication between the two (Shopper and Buyer), please try to solve the issue with responsibility until the conclusion.

Please be mindful to complete transaction promptly

Completion of the trade and cryptocurrency transfer will take place when Shopper receives the item. Buyer should keep the following in mind so that Shopper can receive the item promptly.

  • Notify shopper of the expected arrival date
    Usually, "Delivery Date" is displayed when order is completed at Amazon. Please send this to Shopper via message.
  • Add the Tracking ID
    When the shipping process is completed, Amazon will issue you a tracking number so that you can check the status of the delivery and the expected delivery date, but Shopper cannot confirm this unless informed by Buyer.
    1) Confirm the tracking number from [Order History]->[Check Delivery Status] on Amazon.
    2) Add the "Tracking ID" and select the shipping company from "Add Information" on the right side of transaction screen on Avacus; Shopper can check delivery status and scheduled arrival date based on this information.

Please make sure  don't forget to enter the order ID

  • Enter the Amazon order ID within 60 minutes of receiving the offer.
    *The transaction will be automatically cancelled if no order ID is entered for 60 minutes. In that case, even if you purchased an item on Amazon and the item was delivered to Shopper, Buyer will not receive any currency as payment because the transaction has not been completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits for Buyer

Easy process

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been commonly purchased on exchanges so far.

However, in order to start trading at exchanges, it often takes a complicated and time consuming process like mailing of documents which takes a few weeks.

But with Avacus, registration is completed on the same day with just an email address, anyone can get cryptocurrency very easy through shopping on Amazon.

Various payment methods

Since Buyer can get cryptocurrency by purchasing items on Amazon, Buyer can use any payment methods available on Amazon.

Current available payment methods on Amazon besides cash are:

  • Credit Card
  • e-money
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Amazon Points 

Please check the customer page on your Amazon.


VACUS.ASK is a sub-token of VACUS. By holding VACUS.ASK, you can receive a part of the AvacusAsk commission profits as a dividend.

You will receive VACUS.ASK for 10% of the buyer's amount.

The lottery occurs for every transaction on AvacusAsk. More tokens you hold, the better your chances of winning.

You'll receive VACUS.ASK by being a buyer at Avacus. Which is designed to give 10% of Buyer's amount.

Since it is a CP token, you can exchange it for other token with DEX.

Earn rights to vote for future service (AvacusVote)

Avacus has a system called AvacusVote. This system is a new method to acquire the voting rights according to the number of trades on Avacus. The voting rights can be used for voting to decide future services such as the "New Trading Currency Vote" which is Irregularly held.

Q. When does the Buyer receive payment

Buyer will be paid when Shopper confirms that the item has arrived.
Press the "Confirm received" button; The escrowed cryptocurrency is released and transferred to Buyer's wallet.

Q. Upper limit of the number of offers that can proceed at the same time

Buyer has no upper limit on the number of offers that can proceed at the same time. You can accept any number of trades at the same time.

*However, you can not receive any other offers until you purchase items (while ongoing trade’s status is "Buyer Purchasing")or cancel offer.

Q. Shopper’s address (Address registered for gift) is not displayed on the Amazon purchase screen

There is a possibility that Shopper has not set Shipping Address.
Since purchase processing can not be completed as is, cancel this trade from "Cancel Offer" on the right side of the transaction screen, or contact Shopper and have them set up the Shipping Address for the wish list.

*During the status of "Wait for Buyer" or "Buyer Purchasing", Shopper can change Shipping Address for the wish list.

(Item information “Item, Quantity, Color, Size, Price, etc.” can not be changed.)

*In case of cancellation, please inform Shopper that the shipping address is not registered, if you could.

Q. Can I cancel after I made a purchase and added an Order ID on Avacus?

Canceling the offer from Buyer side after completing purchase will cause trouble. Please refrain from canceling as much as possible.

If there are unavoidable circumstances such as "canceled by Amazon", please let Shopper know and cancel from "Cancel Offer" in the right side of the transaction screen.

*Even if you cancel Amazon’s order after completing purchase, the trade received by Avacus will not be canceled automatically. In case of cancelation, please be sure to cancel the Avacus offer by Buyer, yourself.

Q. Is it necessary to add a Tracking ID?

Please add a Tracking ID (Tracking number) for a smooth transaction.

From an email from Amazon or order history, find the tracking number and add it in the "Tracking ID" and select shipping company from "Add Information" on the right side of transaction screen on Avacus.

Shopper can contact the shipping company based on this information.

*Many requests have been received from Shoppers that they want Buyers to add the expected arrival date and Tracking ID.

In order to smoothly complete the delivery which is directly related to prompt payment.
Please inform Shopper by adding the expected arrival date and Tracking ID.

Q. If the Shopper hasn’t confirmed that the item has been received

First, please use the message function to ask Shopper to press the "Confirm received" button.
Avacus is a P2P service; It should be resolved with communication between the two (Shopper and Buyer).
However, no response from Shopper for more than 24 hours after you sent the message, you can consider choosing the mediation mode.
If you want to arbitrate, please inform us by clicking on the "Request for Arbitration" button on the right side of the screen.
After transitioning to ARBITRATION MODE, Avacus support will contact Shopper, and if there is no response, then the support side will force the payment process. With this system, Buyer can trade with confidence.

*After transitioning to ARBITRATION MODE, If Buyer send a screenshot to support which confirms that the item has arrived, the escrow will be released within 72 hours.
*If Buyer doesn't submit a screenshot, Avacus Support will continue to try to contact Shopper; As a result, Shopper does not respond over a long period of time (usually one week), it may be necessary to complete the trade with forced payment or cancellation of the offer.

Q. Wrong tracking code, cannot be removed

You can enter multiple tracking codes. After entering the correct tracking code, you will be able to send a message to Shopper via the message function to inform that the first tracking code is incorrect. 

Q. Shopper was not responsive and I don't want make me an offer again

Avacus has a "Ban" feature that allows you to hide certain people and prevent future transactions. 

If you press "Bad rating" after completing the offer, you will be asked "Do you want to ignore this trader?" and click "Yes" .

Effects of Blocking Someone on Avacus:

After you block a person on Avacus you won’t be able to find them in the site or app. They will no longer show up in your network. Searching their name will also yield no results.

Q. Item ordered has been canceled by Amazon. What should I do?

Please contact Shopper after confirming Amazon's refund, cancel the offer from "Cancel Offer" on the right side of the transaction screen. Shopper is looking forward to the item arrival. Please be sure to explain the situation prior to canceling the offer. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.