Buyer will not be paid until Shopper confirms the arrival of the item.
Press the "Confirm received" button and rate the transaction as soon as possible within 24 hours of receiving the item.


A guide to Shopping with Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency on Avacus

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Notes on Shopper side of transaction

Setting up your Amazon wish list

  • Is your wish list setting Public or Shared?
  • Did you set up the Shipping Address?
  • Is there any mistake in the number of items, color, size, etc.?
  • Did you check the agreement box of "Third party shipping agreement"?

On Avacus

  • Did you select the correct trading currency?
  • Is there any additional shipping costs?

Mind Shopper manners:

The buyer will be paid when Shopper confirms that the item has arrived. Press the "Confirm received" button and rate the transaction as soon as possible within 24 hours of receiving the item.

If you are unable to receive the item on the estimated arrival date, you can use the message function to contact Buyer in advance to avoid issues.
In case of issues such as misplaced delivery, misplaced ordered, etc., it should be resolved with communication between the two (Shopper and Buyer), please try to solve with responsibility until the conclusion. Thank you for your cooperation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I purchase everything from Amazon?

Due to Amazon’s wish list specifications, some items are not available for gift purchase.

It has been confirmed that the following items can not be used to create an offer on Avacus:

  • All digital content
  • Subscriptions
  • Prime-Exclusive items
  • Used items from Marketplace
  • Amazon Fresh/ Prime Pantry items
  • Pre-ordered items (except backordered items)

Q. Is it necessary to agree with the "Third party shipping agreement" on the wish list?

For items that are sent from Amazon, it is unnecessary to agree with "Third party shipping agreement" but for any other items (shipped directly from the seller) it is necessary to agree.

*If you create an offer which will ship directly from the seller without agreeing to "Third party shipping agreement", Buyer will not be able to complete the purchase.

*By checking the agreement box, you agree to let "Amazon share your wish list shipping address with third-party merchants to ship purchases from this wish list".

*When you agree with this, your information may not become anonymous due to Amazon’s system specifications.

When you are using your smartphone, open the specific wish list page and copy the URL from the address bar of that page and paste it on Avacus.

Q. Can't create the offer by pasting the URL of my wish list

It is possible the same wish list has already been used for the trade currently in progress. To avoid duplicate orders, you can not create more than one offer at the same time from one wish list.

And, sometimes wish list may not be available for unknown reasons. In that case, please create another new wish list or use the same wish list after completing the current trade.

Please look over/confirm that the address is able to properly be delivered to, and items are available.

■Error message, "your_items_cant_puchase_on_avacus"

It may be either a failure to receive item information temporarily, or it may contain items that are not available to trade on Avacus.

Please try the following method:

  1. Retry creating an offer several times
  2. Create a new wish list
  3. Try changing the items
  4. Wait for some time and retry

*When creating a new wish list, it is necessary to edit the wish list setting such as Privacy and Shipping address again.

If you are able to create an offer by changing the item, most likely that item isn't available to trade on Avacus.

■Error message, "error.has_ already_been_taken"

The same wish list is used for the trade currently in progress.

To avoid duplicate orders, you can not create more than one offer at the same time from one wish list.

Please create another new wish list or use the same wish list after completing the current trade.

■Error message, "error.exceeded_offer_limit"

You have exceeded the maximum number of offers that can proceed at the same time.
Please create an offer again after completing the ongoing trade.

Q. Why does my offer keep getting canceled

The following reasons may apply..

  • You haven’t set a shipping address
  • You have not checked "Third party shipping agreement" box *if the item is being shipped from the marketplace seller.
  • You haven’t entered the "Include Transfer Fee"(Additional Shipping Fee) in the offer for the item.
  • After you have created an offer, the item went out of stock on Amazon.
  • After you have registered the item in the offer list, the price of the item has changed on Amazon.
  • For some other reason the item is not available for gift setting.

Please note that if your offer gets canceled three times by the same issue, your offer will be taken down.

Q. Can I change the Discount rate/Shipping fee/Min effective rate after created an offer

After creating an offer, you may change the discount rate, shipping charges, and min effective rate until the buyer makes a purchase.

①Click on "Order List"

②Select the offer that you need to change, click "Update Offer"

③Change the discount rate and/or shipping fee and click "Update Offer"

Q. Can I change the setting of my wishlist after created an offer

The following things will happen when changing the information on the wish list during the status of "Wait for Buyer" or "Buyer Purchasing" after submitting the offer

  • Changes to the item information such as "Item, Quantity, Color, Size, Price, etc." will not be reflected in the offer.
    If you want to change the item information after you have submitted an offer, cancel the offer first, make changes to the wish list, and then create an offer again.
  • Changes to the settings such as "List name", "Recipient", and "Shipping address" will be reflected in the offer.
    If you want to change the shipping address or recipient name after you have submitting an offer without canceling the offer, you can change the list setting without canceling the offer.

Although you can make some changes while the offer is active, it is recommended to cancel the offer first to make changes to the list and then create an offer again to avoid Buyer’s misplacement.

Q. What is "Min effective rate"

The min effective rate is a mechanism to prevent trades from being executed at a lower rate than Shopper would like when the market fluctuates sharply. Your offer will not be visible from the list if it is outside the rate you set. It will then reappear when the rate recovers.

Q. Suddenly the status is changed "Complete Payment(Waiting for Deposit)"

The currency rate is changing constantly.

For each trade, the rate gets fixed and the funds will be restricted "when Buyer accepts an offer".

Therefore, even when the deposit (available balance) is sufficient at the time of submitting an offer, while in the "Wait for Buyer" status your deposit may become insufficient due to reasons like,

"the available balance has decreased due to other offers in progress" and/or "because the currency rate changed, available balance became insufficient when converting funds in legal currency".

Also, even if the deposit is insufficient, the offer will not automatically be withdrawn, but when the Buyer clicks "Receive Offer(Accept Offer)" for the particular offer, then it will change the status to "Complete Payment" and the offer will be taken down.

 *When situations like these happen, Buyer is not considered as accepting this offer. When you receive the "Complete Payment" status, the offer will be validated again by clicking "Activate" on the transaction screen after depositing sufficient funds.

Avacus confirms Shopper’s available balance two times.

  1. When creating an offer
  2. When Buyer accepts an offer

Q. How do I find out the item’s expected arrival date

When Buyer has added "Tracking ID", it will be displayed with Shipping Company under the Order ID on the right side of the transaction screen, please use that information to contact the designated shipping company. If the "Tracking ID" is not displayed, please contact Buyer.

Q. Item is taking too long to deliver. What should I do

Please contact Buyer first and check the order status, delivery situation and expected arrival date. 

If the delay is caused by Amazon or the shipping company’s trouble, please inquire Buyer, who is an actual purchaser to contact Amazon.

If you can not contact the Buyer by any chance, please contact Avacus support from the "Request for Arbitration" button on the right side of the screen.

After transitioning to ARBITRATION MODE, Avacus support will contact Buyer, and if there is no response, then the support side will forcibly cancel the offer.

*After transitioning to ARBITRATION MODE, if the Buyer does not respond to contacts from Avacus support over a long period of time (usually one week), it may be necessary to complete the trade with forced payment or cancellation of offers.

Q. How do I return an Amazon item purchased on Avacus

Before arrival of the item;

If you’re absolutely sure you want to cancel your purchase, you will need to request a return label from the Amazon. 

And also need to contact the buyer yourself. After you return the item to Amazon, ask them to cancel the offer once Buyer confirms the refund.

After the transaction is completed;

Avacus will not bear any responsibility whatsoever for purchased products. 

You will need to request a gift return from the Amazon link provided.

If your gift return is authorized, Amazon or the Amazon Merchant will process your refund as an Gift Card.
The Gift Card will be added to the account you used to generate your return from the Online Returns Center.

Once the refund is processed, Amazon will send you a confirmation e-mail.
So you do not need to contact Buyer or Avacus, please.

Q. Why do I get no response when I click on "Confirm received"

Depending on the congestion status, clicking "Confirm Received" may result in a slow response or an error may be displayed. Please try several times after a while.

Q. How do I easily register the URL of my wish list

Up to three wish lists used most recently are displayed on the Avacus "Shop" page.

When shopping for the second time or later, add items to the wish list that you used last time in Amazon, click on "Create Offer" next to that list in Avacus. This makes it possible to create an offer without pasting the URL.

Q. Could not receive the item ordered because I was out

Please contact the delivery company to arrange for re-delivery, receive your item as soon as possible before the storage limitation. If your ordered has been returned, contact Buyer to see that their Amazon purchase has been cancelled and ask them to manually cancel the offer on Avacus after it has been refunded.

After your offer has been cancelled, your offer will be automatically re-listed on the offer list.

Q. I need a gift receipt

You can contact Buyer via the message function and ask them to send you a PDF or link to the gift receipt from their Amazon purchase statement.

Q. Where should I set Shipping address?

The shipping address is registered by Shopper on Amazon's Wishlist, and the shipping address is only exposed to Amazon. We don’t need nor collect private information.

Addresses are hidden, only showing the necessary City/State they’re being delivered to in order for us to confirm delivery and process orders.

Q. Item ordered has been canceled by Amazon. What should I do?

 Please contact Buyer via the message function and ask them cancel the offer after confirming refund from Amazon.

Q. How should I add amounts to an item for which additional tax is due?

Avacus does not automatically calculate sales tax for Amazon orders delivered to U.S. addresses.
Please fill in the form manually, use the form "Include shipping fee (Optional)" to enter the additional tax.
If you have completed your purchase without knowing that the additional tax will be charged, You can create additional requests to Shopper in Avacus Pay.

Q. Accidentally pressed the arrival confirmation button, Is it possible to return the transaction to the status before?

The system does not allow to return to the transaction status prior to "arrival confirmation".
Therefore, when clicking on the button, the following message is displayed: "Did all items really arrive?"

Depending on the situation, the following actions can help.

  1.  If you receive the item later, no action is required. 
  2.  In case any items have been returned, open the corresponding transaction "Compleated" in the list of transactions and contact Buyer to request a refund for the corresponding item value. 

    You can also use AvacusPay, you can create and send a claim with Request Pay.

Q. Buyer was not responsive and I don't want make me an offer again

Avacus has a "Ban" feature that allows you to hide certain people and prevent future transactions. 

If you press "Bad rating" after completing the offer, you will be asked "Do you want to ignore this trader?" and click "Yes" .

Effects of Blocking Someone on Avacus:
After you block a person on Avacus you won’t be able to find them in the site or app. They will no longer show up in your network. Searching their name will also yield no results.