When Avacus decides on the adoption of available trading currencies, there is a sponsored specific currency slot in addition to a blockchain based user vote.

❖ The sponsor pays a certain amount (initial listing fee + annual maintenance fee) and allows them to use the sponsor's specified currency in Avacus.
❖ All of the money gained from the initial listing fee will be used to burn the issued VACUS on the market.

If we burn the issued VACUS, which increases your chances of winning the lottery because the burned VACUS is not eligible for dividends.
This means that it directly increases the value of VACUS

About Sub-token

The transaction fee for a sponsor token will be returned to a sub-token exclusive to that token.
All of sub-token will be sent to the wallet address designated by the sponsor.
There are no airdrops for currencies added through the sponsorship program.

If you would like to explore the sponsorship program, please DM Avacus on the official Avacus Twitter page.